Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Quick Update!!

Well, it is December 4th and I haven't written since October. Yes, I deserve to be beaten with a wet noodle but I've have been busy. Here is the update...

For two weeks at the end of October and beginning of November we were the leaders for Syracuse's Rajasthan Traveling Seminar. We had four students--three from Syracuse and one from Emory. We toured Delhi, went to the Taj Mahal, stayed in Bharatpur for Diwali (the Hindu "festival of lights"), stayed in Jaipur for a few days and then returned to Delhi via Nawalgarh. It was a whirlwind tour but I think the students really enjoyed it. They were great kids...SO different from last year's Syracuse students!

After we wrapped that up, I had surgery on that pesky tooth. It turns out that the root canal didn't get everything that it needed to get and there was a huge infection raging in my tooth/bone. So they performed an apiectomy (sp?) which laid me up in Delhi for ANOTHER week! I was so anxious to get back to Bharatpur....

Finally around the 15th of November I arrived back in Bharatpur and then last week I got a really bad cold which laid me up in bed for three days. So in the last two months I really haven't been able to do much work. I'm getting really nervous about it too but hopefully the next few months will be uneventful health-wise so I can make some head way.

Now that things are back on track I hope to be better about posting updates...So check back soon!