Wednesday, January 23, 2008

(Almost) Settled in Bharatpur

Sorry it has taken so long to get this up...Ian and I have had a very busy and exciting three weeks. Our stay in Delhi was good...we worked on the report we have to write for the Consortium as well as attended the AIIS Junior Fellows Conference. We were able to learn about other people's research and we met three or four people who we will probably stay in touch with. After the conference, Ian stayed on to get registered, while I went to Jaipur to do the same. After Ian arrived in Jaipur, we spent a couple days relaxing before going to Jaipur. We were really ready to much so we even rented a car (with driver) rather than messing with Indian public transportation. Since we arrived we have been meeting with potential contacts as well as eating at people's houses (we have at least three outstanding invitations)...hospitality is huge here and they won't let you get away hungry! :)

With the help of a man who works at the hotel at which Ian and I are staying (and have stayed in the past) we have found a one room flat with kitchen and bath. It is a little smaller than we had originally planned but I think it will work out well. The room is part of a larger house which is being remodeled and the family with whom we will be living is very nice. We'll probably move in in the next few days and when I have an address I will pass that along to you all.

In a couple of weeks my friend Emily will be coming to visit. She will be staying for about two weeks and we are planning to travel in and around Bharatpur since there is still so much Ian and I have yet to see...we thought it would be nice to do it with Em.

Keep in touch and take care....