Thursday, August 21, 2008

Remiss in Blogging

Sorry that is has taken almost a month for me to post this. I wish I could say I have been busy but that fact of the matter is that my life has been so boring that I have had nothing interesting to write about. I know, it is a lame excuse but the most accurate reflection of reality.

In the past month I have spent more time trying to get a tooth root-canal'd than doing research. While I was in Karauli I noticed that my right eye tooth was hurting when I bit down on things. Ian and I debated whether I should get it looked at in B'pur or go to Delhi. After being in exile for three weeks, I wasn't in a hurry to leave again, so I decided to get it looked at in Bharatpur. We got a recommendation for a dentist...the most famous dentist in B'pur. I went and he said that it wasn't decay (which is what I was afraid of), but that my root was damaged. He said that I would need a root canal. Again, Ian and I debated. Should I get a root canal in Bharatpur...this lovely, choti-moti (small, unimpressive) city or should I go to Delhi? Again, I decided that I would stick with the Bharatpuri dentist. His office seemed clean and well supplied and he seemed competent. Well, let's just say that they do root canals a bit differently here than I had heard about in the United States. It was a simple 10 minute procedure at first but I had to come back a couple more times before the treatment would be complete. Then I started to worry that he hadn't done it right. So I ended up going to Delhi afterall. Ian had been planning a trip and I decided that I would join him and get a second opinion on the tooth (a second opinion, mind you, after the first dentist had drilled a hole in my tooth and "cleaned it" with a small, pipe cleaner like doo-hickey). Now I bet that all you are thinking that the Delhi dentist saved that day by fixing what the Bharatpur dentist had done, but NO! Instead he said, "Your Bharatpur dentist has done a very good job, a very good job indeed. You don't need me. Go back to Bharatpur and let him finish his work!" So today, I went back to my dentist and he finished the root canal and put in a filling. It is still a little sensitive but both dentists said that should fade within a few days.

In more pleasant news, last Saturday was Raksha Bandan, on which sisters tie embrodery floss-like bracelets on their brothers' wrists in order to protect them. In return, the sisters get small gifts like cloths and money. You can also "make" new brothers by tying a rakhi on a male friend. So I have six new brothers--the two sons of my landlady and four of my most favorite and loyal RWs. And I made a small fortune...Rs. 400 in the deal. :)

There is another big holiday coming up the day after tomorrow. The birthday of Krishna, one of the Hindu gods who was supposed to be born about 40 kms, is on Sunday and people makes lots of sweets and go to very spirted programs at Krishna temples.

I think that is about all for now...I will endevour to be better about writing, even if it is to say that nothing is happening. :)